Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance


About MyCover Travel Insurance policies:

There are five (5) different policies or Plan Types you can purchase, depending on your required cover:

Comprehensive Plan* - The Comprehensive Plan provides our highest level of cover, helping provide peace of mind on your overseas trip.
Essentials Plan* - Our Essentials Plan provides a basic, cost-effective cover for overseas trip.
Domestic Plan* - Our Domestic Plan is for trips only within Australia.
Multi-Trip Plan* - Our Multi-Trip Plan covers you for multiple journeys within a 12 month period subject to each journey being within the maximum trip duration you select.
Non-Medical Plan* - Provides comprehensive travel insurance for international travel, with limitations on some medical related benefits.

*Exclusions and limitations apply. Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for full details.

Why buy Travel Insurance Online?

The majority of our customers choose to buy our policies direct. Policies can be purchased at significantly lower cost when compared to other methods of purchase. Often travel insurance is combined with accommodation and flight costs and it is easy to overlook the premium prices that may be charged in this combined purchase.

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Why is it worthwhile to consider purchasing travel insurance before going overseas?

There are many risks associated with travelling, particularly overseas. The costs associated with these risks can be reduced or minimised by purchasing Travel Insurance.

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What will it cost to purchase Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance costs depend on a number of factors.

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