Travel Insurance Australia

Travel Insurance Australia


Why should Australian residents purchase Travel Insurance?

MyCover travel insurance policies provide cover for both international and domestic travelers. There are benefits which apply to both types of policies, for example cancellation benefits apply from the date the policy is purchased and provide cover for unforeseen events which are outside the control of the policy holder, such as illness preventing you from taking your planned trip.

For international travelers access to emergency medical assistance when traveling overseas is important and cover for medical and hospital costs, which are not covered by your Australian health insurer, it is likewise a significant benefit and gives you the peace of mind you need before you head of to distant locations.

Any travel overseas by an Australian resident is likely to involve significant distances and the cost of either returning home or changing travel plans, whether it is for medical reasons or otherwise is costly. Most travel insurance policies are available at reasonable costs when compared with the cost of these unexpected events.

MyCover Travel Insurance is available to Australian Residents.

'Resident of Australia' is defined in the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) as follows:

Page 9

“Resident of Australia” means someone who usually resides in Australia and is eligible for an Australian Medicare Card.

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