Seniors Travel Insurance

Seniors Travel Insurance


What should I know about purchasing Travel Insurance for Seniors?

MyCover travel insurance policies are ‘Seniors friendly’. Just enter your date of birth when obtaining a quote and premiums are automatically calculated.

Premiums are calculated on age, however under most circumstances *cover is available by just paying the quoted premium. We accept VISA, MasterCard and American Express, so please have your card ready when making an online purchase.

AGE LIMITS - Age limits are as at the date of issue.

Comprehensive and Domestic Plans - Available to travellers of all ages.

Essentials Plan - Available to travellers aged 74 years and under.

Multi Trip Plan - Available to travellers aged 74 years and under. Accompanying spouse or partner and dependants can be covered under this product provided they are 74 years and under. Additional premium will apply.

Non-Medical Plan - Where this plan is offered it is available to travellers of all ages.

Note: Age limits also apply for additional options, for example; to purchase the Snow Pack you must be aged 74 years or under at the date of issue.

It is important that you purchase cover before you travel. Just click here for an instant online quote.

I have Pre-Existing Medical Conditions. Can I be covered?

MyCover has an online assessment process for Pre-Existing Medical Conditions, click here for a definition:

PE Conditions

If you know the details of your Pre-Existing Medical Conditions then select:

Do any traveller(s) have pre-existing medical condition(s)? = Yes

On the page titled ‘Your details ’

This will take you through the assessment process.

Regardless of your pre-existing medical conditions, you may still be able to buy a Non-Medical Plan.

To get a quote, which includes the Pre-Existing Medical Conditions assessment, for Seniors Travel Insurance select this Link: