Pre-existing Medical Conditions

Pre-existing Medical Conditions


Your policy may not cover certain Pre-existing Medical Conditions. However you may be able to purchase a policy that provides cover automatically for some Pre-existing Medical Conditions, or pay an additional premium to purchase cover for certain other Pre-existing Medical Conditions.

By completing our Pre-existing Medical Condition assessment process, you will understand which category you fall into, and additional premium (if any) that you are required to pay to obtain cover for your pre-existing medical condition.

Please familiarise yourself with our definitions below, before continuing (Click on the heading, to expand the description):

What is a Pre-existing Medical Condition?

A Pre-existing Medical Condition ("Pre-existing Medical Condition"):

means a medical condition of which you were, or a reasonable person in your circumstances should have been, aware:

1. prior to the time of the policy being issued that involves:

a] your heart, brain, circulatory system/blood vessels; or

b] your lung or chronic airways disease; or

c] cancer; or

d] back pain requiring prescribed pain relief medication; or

e] surgery involving any joints, the back, spine, brain or abdomen requiring at least an overnight stay in hospital; or

f] Diabetes Mellitus (Type 1 or Type 2); OR

2. in the 2 years prior to the time of the policy being issued:

a] for which you have been in hospital or emergency department or day surgery; or

b] for which you have been prescribed a new medication or had a change to your medication regime; or

c] requiring prescription pain relief medication.

3. prior to the time of the policy being issued that is:

a] pregnancy; or

b] connected with your current pregnancy or participation in an IVF program; OR

4. for which, prior to the time of the policy being issued:

a] you have not yet sought a medical opinion regarding the cause; or

b] you are currently under investigation to define a diagnosis; or

c] you are awaiting specialist opinion.

For the purposes of this clause, “medical condition” includes a dental condition. This definition applies to you, your travelling companion, a relative or any other person.

What are the conditions related to Pregnancy?

Cover is provided for a single uncomplicated pregnancy, up to and including 23 weeks, not arising from services or treatment associated with an assisted reproduction program including but not limited to, in vitro fertilisation (IVF).

Please also read the "General Exclusions applicable to all Sections" on pages 36 to 43 of the Product Disclosure Statement, including B4 on Page 40.

Is it compulsory to seek cover for any Pre-existing Medical Conditions I might have?

It is not compulsory to seek cover for a Pre-existing Condition, although you must truthfully and completely declare all of your Pre-existing Medical Conditions when completing your application for travel insurance. As you complete the online application, you will find that some conditions are automatically covered with no additional premium payable. An additional premium may apply depending your pre-existing medical condition, however if you decide not to pay any loading resulting in your Pre-existing Condition not being covered, all claims arising directly or indirectly from that condition will be declined.

How much does it cost to have a policy covering my Pre-existing Medical Conditions, or covering me because I am over the standard policy age limits?

Once you have completed our online application, we will tell you the additional loading (if any) and outline the applicable terms and conditions. This loading is based on a number of factors, which may include the period of travel, your destination and your age. Otherwise, you may elect not to pay any medical loading, but you will not be covered for events arising directly or indirectly from your declared Pre-existing Medical Condition.

How do I obtain Cover for my Pre-existing Condition(s)?

To obtain your Quote, with a Pre-Existing Medical Assessment, complete your details for each person on the Client Details page, then proceed through the online application process.

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