International Travel Insurance

International Travel Insurance


Why buy an International Travel Insurance policy?

When you are Home, or travelling within Australia, you can have access to both Medicare and Private Health Insurance.

Note:  Medicare does not provide overseas medical cover.

The Australian government has a reciprocal health care agreements with 11 countries, which may offer Australian Travellers access to the public healthcare systems in these countries, however negotiating these arrangements may be difficult, particularly when you are in need of urgent medical care.

Outside these countries, there is no cover for medical care costs, which can result in expensive out of pocket costs, if you are not covered under a Travel Insurance Policy.

The most significant costs that are likely to be incurred are Medical Costs and these can be covered under a MyCover Travel Insurance Policy.

When should you purchase your International Travel Insurance policy?

MyCover Travel Insurance policies cover you from when you leave for your journey from within Australia and until you return to Australia, however the policy needs to be purchased before you commence your journey in Australia.

So, make sure you have your Travel Insurance policy, before you leave Home.

What will it cost to purchase International Travel Insurance?

The policy cost will depend on the areas you are travelling to, duration of your journey and other factors depending on whether you require cover for additional items including certain pre-existing medical conditions.

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