How to make a Claim

To make a claim on your MyCover Travel Insurance Policy, please download a claim form from the link below.

CLAIM FORM (Right Click: Save Target As)
If you have any queries, please read our Travel Claims FAQs.
For all claims enquiries, please contact Travel Claims on:

Phone: 1300 725 154
Fax: (07) 3305 7016
Email: [email protected]

You must post the completed claim form together with your supporting documentation as soon as possible, but no later than 30 days from your return to:

MyCover Pty Ltd
Travel Claims Department
PO Box 162
Toowong QLD 4066

Need assistance? Call us.

Filing your claim

Questions and answers on the process:

Please let us know if you need assistance submitting your claim.

What documents will I need to send with my claim form?

When you submit your claim, you will need to provide certain documents for us to be able to assess and settle your claim promptly. For medical claims you will usually need original medical accounts and receipts and English translations of all documents. For a loss of personal belongings claim you will usually need a police report, proof of ownership for the items. If the documentation is not in English you will need to provide English translations of all documents.

What happens if I don't have the original receipts?

When we receive a personal belongings claim, you have to provide proof of ownership for the lost or stolen items. We realise that you cannot always provide receipts for each and every item, but you will still have to provide evidence of ownership. We can accept photographic evidence, warranty cards, manuals, receipts, bank or credit card statements as proof of ownership, and/or a statutory declaration attesting to ownership. In the end, we are not unreasonable, if you have a genuine claim you just need to ask yourself, does this conclusively prove that I owned this item?

How long will it take to process a claim?

Claim processing can depend on how quickly you can get the required documents to us. Once we receive all the documents a claim is processed within 10 working days.

How are claims paid?

We will pay all claims in Australian dollars and the rate of currency exchange used is the rate at the time you incurred the expense.

What happens in the event of an emergency?

Please see the Emergency Assistance page for details:

Emergency Assistance

The ultimate in travel protection and emergency assistance

We are there to assist you when needed


Take care to select the right policy cover for your travel plans

There are five plans to choose from, each with different benefits, click on the links below to see the benefits for your Travel Insurance Policy.


Here are Links to the key documents you may require, when lodging a claim

The policy benefits available relate to the particular plan you have chosen. These are listed in the Insurance Plan links and detailed in the Product Disclosure Statement.