We appreciate that our Customers have choices and Select MyCover for their Travel Insurance.

We have plans that cover many of the risks associated with travel. Our policies have been continually reviewed and revised to ensure that we offer the most appropriate cover for the identified risks.

Lost Deposits on Airfares

See the Plan summaries pages and policy details in the PDS for what we cover when your travel cannot be taken as planned. Sometimes things happen which are unforeseen or outside your control, such as flight delays and this is where having the right cover will be essential

Luggage gone missing?

It is not a very pleasant experience to be looking at the luggage carousel in the airport arrivals area and your luggage is nowhere to be seen. With the right policy we can provide cover for your lost luggage and other related benefits for these events

Hotel booking, now a dream…

Hotel booked and paid for, but you can’t travel. There are many reasons why your planned travel cannot be taken as planned. This is where your travel insurance policy is most valuable. You can claim for lost deposits and cancelled bookings, if you have the appropriate cover in place under your policy

Make sure that you are covered for those unforeseen emergencies

Before you leave Home, have your Travel Insurance policy with you. Cover is available for unforseen events, such as cancellations costs associated with airfares and accommodation bookings. These and many other risks can be covered by your travel insurance policy. See the Insurance Plans and summary pages for information on the cover afforded by the various policies. It is a simple step in your travel planning to take out cover for your trip.

page1-img1 “Including your MyCover Travel Insurance policy as a part of your travel planning gives you the reassurance that assistance can be provided, if needed”

How we assist

MyCover offers travel insurance plans to provide cover for our Customers, Worldwide.

Travel insurance assistance you can trust

4 Reasons to choose us

Policy Cost

MyCover provides Travel Insurance policies for worldwide cover at a reasonable cost and with substantial benefits

Passport Companion

Make your MyCover Travel Insurance Policy the essential companion to your Passport, when travelling internationally

Rental Car

Choose a MyCover Travel Insurance Policy for peace of mind, should you need to claim for incidents related to your Rental Vehicle

Excess Payments

Look carefully at selecting the right Excess Reduction cover when purchasing your policy, as this may increase or decerease what we pay, in most cases, when settling a claim

Select a travel insurance plan that fits you

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