Insurance Plans

International Travel Insurance, for Australian Residents

Comprehensive Plan*

The Comprehensive Plan provides our highest level of cover, helping provide peace of mind on your overseas trip.

Essentials Plan*

Our Essentials Plan provides a basic, cost-effective cover for overseas trip.

Domestic Plan*

Our Domestic Plan is for trips only within Australia.

Multi-Trip Plan*

Our Multi-Trip Plan covers you for multiple journeys within a 12 month period subject to each journey being within the maximum trip duration you select.

Non-Medical Plan*

The Non-Medical Plan Provides comprehensive travel insurance for international travel, with limitations on some medical related benefits.

PE Conditions*

We receive many questions about cover for Pre-existing Medical Conditions. To find out more about the cover you may require for your Pre-existing Medical Conditions click the link above.

*Exclusions and limitations apply. Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for full details.

Click one of the options above, if you need help to choose a Plan Type, otherwise you can obtain an Instant Travel Insurance Quote by clicking the links below:

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